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Much cooler than slippers, meet Collégien slipper socks!

This not our first pair of Collégien slipper socks and definitely not our last. We are kind of addicted to them! Especially since our floors are so cold that we always need to wear something on our feet. We love Collégien as they are unique and you feel like you are wearing socks, but you have a flexible rubber sole that you barely know is there.

Great for lounging around the house, for wearing on cold kitchen floors or for quickly running outside to greet daddy when he comes home. Alexander simply loves them because they are so easy to slip on, are super comfortable and the designs are so much fun.



Collégien is a family company located in the South of France. From trading in sheets and fabrics in the 1860s, the Guille family progressed to producing socks in 1930, with the Collégien brand first appearing in 1947 when the socks were made unique with the injection of a soft rubber sole, giving birth to the popular slipper sock. In 2006 Olivier Guille introduced a new modern design for the slipper-sock with an ergonomic, breathable sole that is still manufactured in France. The rubber sole hugs the foot, with holes and small nodules on the bottom that aerate and provide a non-slip grip.

Collégien also offers kid’s tights. Colours that cover the whole rainbow! The tights have separated elasticated shimmery waistbands and the quality is just wonderful. Great comfort for winter to match any outfit -I am really recommending these too!

Shop the slippers in Collegien’s webshop.

Collegien slippers

This winter we choose for Konfetti – Arlecchino


Alexander is still not feeling well but at least his feet are nice and warm in his slippers.