Kids Shoes


Sewing a pair of shoes for your little one is such a sweet idea, isn’t it?

First Baby Shoes has created a shoe making kit which provides not only all the materials needed including threads, needles and complete English instructions but it also guarantees a lot of fun and satisfaction for sewing an unforgettable pair of shoes for your baby.

They did a lot to make their shoes comfortable and to look adorable on baby’s  feet and they believe there’s nothing better than leather. This is why they only use high quality natural cattle leather, which is very soft and durable.

And don’t worry if you are not crafty, you can choose from First Baby Shoes indoor shoes GiKO as well. GiKO are not mass-produced, but handmade in Poland.

Have a look on their website here

First baby shoes

First baby shoes

Lemon colour

Sewing kit

I will soon show you the result of these little shoes! 

Babies shoes