Kids Fashion


Bright colours, cheerful prints and beautiful designs make the brand Bomba for girls stand out from the crowd. We can’t think of a brand that’s more girlish, we love it! But don’t stop reading if you think, my daughter is not into girlish clothes…. There is plenty to combine, so you can easily mix and match a cool outfit!

Combining is the key, both with fabrics, colours and styles. Tricot, cotton, tulle and satin, you’ll find them all in one stylish dress. Multi prints, gray, fuchsia pink, blue, ruches, only Bomba knows how to combine them to make a great T-shirt. You can tell the children’s clothes are made with love. Dresses, skirts, shirts, tops, shorts, cardigans, boleros, playsuits, but also leggings.

Bomba Girls’ clothes will put a smile on your daughter’s face! At least they do on ours! 

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p.s. Stay tuned for a great review! 

Bomba for girls

Spring Summer 2014