Kids Fashion


The time is coming to celebrate, think of new year resolutions, wish to become a ferocious tiger, write postcards for faraway aunties, and dance on the couch.

Let’s celebrate with Bobo Choses FUN Capsule Collection!

Fourteen references for kids, five for babies, and ten for adults comprising sweatshirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, dresses, knitted cardigans, beanies, pajamas, socks, and sneakers.

All in 100% organic cotton and made locally: 82% of the production has been made in Spain and 12% in Portugal. More than 80% of the collection has been produced in less than 100km from the Bobo Choses headquarters.

Now available at Orange Mayonnaise.

Furthermore, there’s a postcard set, gift wrapping set, and Christmas knitted sock to show affection to your most beloved ones.