Kids Fashion


Children’s shoes and boots for boys and girls are made with comfort and quality in mind. The many different types of shoes and boots are available in many unique, clearly thought-through and re-imagined classic designs for both girls and boys. This design ethos begins on the inside of bisgaards’ shoes and is carried through to the outside. The shoes are made from natural materials with a fit that makes them comfortable to wear and move in. bisgaard shoes are always made of natural materials. The quality of the genuine leather can be both seen and felt. The soles and rain boots are made from natural rubber that is flexible and elastic. Shoes and boots from bisgaard are made from 100% genuine calfskin leather.

Children’s shoes from bisgaard can be worn for many hours of fun and play, without becoming uncomfortable for the foot. 

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Photo’s taken by Emily Kornya

Emily Kornya was born near Toronto, Canada and now resides and works all over Europe. Emily entered the fashion world in 2013, at nearly 20 years old shooting at Petite Parade in NYC, which was her first fashion show and professional experience. By the age of 21 she shot her first editorial for Smallish Magazine (June ’14) and first campaign for The Small Gatsby (AW14). Since then Emily has shot for well known and reputable designers such as Flik Flak, Bisgaard, Baghera, Lamantine, Telyoh and more . 

Emily is known for her natural and playful style of her photos, letting the kids be themselves, be imaginative and react naturally to their environments. She loves interacting with the children and enjoys engaging and playing with them while shooting.

Emily works all over the world with frequent clients in; Berlin, Florence, London, New York, Paris, Poznań, Toronto … and always happy to travel more!