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Meet Molly, Polly and Jackson, a quirky, fun and unique brand from Holland that will make sure your children will stand out from the crowd and we are big fans of their totally unisex T-shirts.

Molly, Polly and Jackson is the work of illustrator Audrey Salomon. Audrey’s background in the fashion industry and the world of illustration are easy to see in her stylish street clothes. Drawing inspiration from pop culture her clothes have an international feel to them that scream Japan, New York and Paris. Audrey’s designs are perfect combining a T-shirt with some jeans. Your little hipsters are ready to go!

My own little boy, Alexander, decided that it was time to feed the ducks this afternoon as we’re about to go on holiday and we won’t have time to finish all the bread that’s left… When we walked out of the door, we realised it was too chilly to go out in just his Molly, Polly and Jackson ‘ Boy’ T-shirt so I quickly grabbed his favorite cardigan.

Molly, Polly and Jackson

Simple things like feeding the ducks make my little boy so happy! On the way back he played in the little park around the corner and now it’s time to start packing our bags because we’re off to see Nana & Grandpa!

Do you like Alexander’s new T-shirt? The quality is great and the illustration is fun! There are many other illustrations available as well, click here to have a look.


Alexander in Molly, Polly and Jackson

molly, polly and Jackson

Alexander is wearing a Molly, Polly and Jackson T-shirt combined with his blue slim fit jeans & Veja trainers