Kids Shoes


I seem to have a big shoe crush and Zecchino d’Oro is definitely in my top 10 of Kids Shoes brands.

Zecchino d’Oro has been designing and manufacturing children’s shoes for over 50 years using Italian craftsmen in Italy.  They believe in making their handmade shoes of luxurious high quality materials that befits their passion for style and creativity. This collection they have used materials such as nabuk and calf leather and many different styles such as brushed leather, printed leather, vintage leather and split leather.

Did you know Zecchino d’Oro means piece of gold, and each shoe is treated just like a small masterpiece in the Italian shoe factory.

Zecchino d’Oro is available at Les Casse Pieds.



Ganaelle Glume

Ganaelle Glume Photography

Les Casse Pieds

 All photo’s are taken by the wonderful photographer Ganaelle Glume, definitely one of my favourite photographers! I love her work! Click here to go to her blog and check out the rest of her work.

Themis is wearing a dress made of cotton and silk by the brand Max & Lola, a hat from H&M, Collegien socks and the uber cool boots by Zecchino d”oro that are available here and a bracelet made by the Belgium designer Enora Antoine.

 Ulysse wears Max & Lola as well combined with Zecchino d’Oro shoes that are available here and Collegien socks.