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Yporque translated is Why? and they chose that name based on the number one question most frequently asked by children. Created in 2007 by three women in Barcelona, Yporque designs their clothing to reflect the creative side of children’s minds and at the same time appeals to their senses with the softest of fabrics and supremely tailored fits. 

For SS16, Yporque presents 8 new looks;

Rock&Roll is associated to a red & black plaid shirt fabric, with green, melange and garnet brights. The tees with musical and animal sounds are the main players of this look., perfect for the urban spring season.


Glam. For girls, the Rock&Roll look comes on a dark background with golden flashes. On the prints, guitars, kisses, batteries and other musical motifs make the Yporqye tees alive with sounds.

Glam Look

Camo. The classic came all-over spans earthy browns to muddy greens, where the tension between nature versus man-made environments is reflected in the colour contrasts between greens and red-yellow sporty brights.


The palms all-over for girls combine simple and functional patterns with expressive prints on the tees. The palette is made up of earty greens that contrasts with the pastel rose and a touch of pale gold.


Deep Sea Look. High-summer beach styling draws inspiration from the weirdness of the ocean depths. Lighweight technical sports fabrics that contrast with the heavier spongy scuba fabric outerwear pieces. Layers of several tones of blue are mixed to evoke the ocean.


Mermaid Look. For girls, Yporque presents a pattern with brushstrokes in pastel tones; aquatic colours reminiscent of a mermaid’s world with glittery fabrics and iridescent underwater graphics.


Stripes Look. Always in fashion, this must-have look is a mix of think and fine navy stripes drawn on fresh and summery patterns that give the pirate’s touch to Yporque’s new collection.


Comic. Inspired by comic bubbles printed all-over featuring onomatopoeia; this superheroes’ look ranges from the Yporque superhoodie – with mask and the hood – to a tee with a removable cape, through all kind of funny smiles and comic eyes.


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The Yporque SS16 collection is also available at Orange Mayonnaise