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Little girls grow and so does their interest in underwear.

I believe today is the first time we write about underwear on Les enfants a Paris and we happily introduce you to the playful and fun organic children underwear from Wolf Industries founded by Shagane Barsegian Launey who is trained in luxury fashion at Louis Vuitton owned Marc Jacobs NY and Paris based Swedish women’s brand Burffit by Lovisa Burfitt.

Each item is made in Los Angeles and sewn by hand by Shagane herself in limited runs. The design is focused on fit, comfort, aesthetic delightfulness, and repeat use.

“Spending time with my daughter is about enhancing little moments in our routine. Choosing underwear everyday should be fun. I make every single piece myself in my studio based on demand. Refining fit over three years, I have focused to deliver longevity and comfort. I work with the softest organic cotton scouted on the market with the defining factor being it’s a natural based fiber. In compliment, customers love bamboo rayon knit for it’s incredible wear performance, strength and quality over time. It’s hard to find quality underwear and I dare say as a category of products it does not really exist. The fabric, fit and the aesthetic of basics on the market with licensed characters is not very authentic and extremely disposal. I’ve made our styles permanent so parents can easily reorder again. Kids also love our colorful free wolf ears that ship with underwear. And to encourage long term thinking, I welcome repairs and offer free shipping credit for old undies are sent back for recycling.” Shagane Barsegian Launey

We are very impressed with the quality and absolutely love the different styles Wolf Industries offers.

Confetti: Colorful confetti underwear is for bold and visible occasions, like running around half naked, making an appearance at the beach or showing off in the mirror.

wolf industries confetti

Dreamy: Dreamy underwear fills you up with giggles and sillies. Time frozen with merry vision, you’ll be up for jumping high clouds, painting jolly bunnies and signing folk songs.


Lucky: Lucky underwear is made for happy and fluffy days like time spent jumping on the couch, playing on the window and reading in a nook somewhere. 


Pop: Pop underwear powers fast and heroic crowds sporting bike racing with friends, cruising a softboard in wild waters or running away from cows in the countryside.


Zig Zag: Zig Zag underwear is made for the brave with a sense of adventure, those who dip in the wildest lakes and cross continents by foot.

zigzag wolf industries

Soon we’ll feature Wolf Industries in Interview Monday so stay tuned for more about this brand including a review!