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I always find it so hard to find really nice looking pyjamas! But finally I’ve found a brand with just that for boys and girls… Their Nibs London.

Fiona Bell, the founder of Their Nibs London, used to work as a fashion buyer but the birth of her son, Finn (nickname ‘his Nibs’), focused her mind on children’s clothes and the gap in the market for a more eclectic look compared to those provided by major brands, and in 2003 Fiona opened her first shop in London’s trendy Notting Hill.  

Their Nibs London is a designer brand for children’s clothing. I first encountered them at Playtime Paris.. where their Western Two Piece Pyjama Navy Blue immediately caught my eye. Their Nibs London is known in the children’s fashion industry for bespoke vintage-inspired garments paired with unique hand-designed prints. Influenced by Great Britain in the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s, Their Nibs London offers and exciting and diverse range of clothing for boys, girls and babies ranging from skirts, coats, nightwear and even cotton bedding.

Alexander and his friend Thomas have reviewed two pyjamas for you, the Western one and the two piece skateboard pyjama, and I think it’s safe to say they are in love with them! Soft, fun, cool and boyish they may be, but don”t forget that they design girls pyjamas as well! You can shop Their Nibs London directly from their website but is also available in various stores and boutiques around the world.

Their Nibs London

Their Nibs London pyjama

Their Nibs London


Their Nibs London