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Alexander is nearly (next month!) four years old now and he never stops talk ing. I’m not exaggerating. From the moment he wakes up until the moment he passes out (luckily he still naps in the afternoon!), Alexander has a running commentary on everything that’s going on in his head. And there is a LOT going on in his head.

The quiet game is just a game that doesn’t work. For example, last week, in the car… (16 hours from the South of Spain back to Paris), we tried to get him to just hush for just five minutes so we promised him a Happy Meal. Alexander made it to 5 seconds before announcing, “You win! I don’t want a happy meal. Mummy, mummy, mummy, you know Ariel the little mermaid…” Oh don’t even get me starting to tell you all about his mermaid obsession!

And you know what?! I almost forgot to mention. He talks to anyone about everything and anything to anybody who’ll listen. It’s fine at home, but did the cashier lady at Monoprix really needed to know that I mummy, sometimes shout at Daddy? Did she?

My mother says I was just like that when I was his age. I don’t believe her but she told me the other day that I still talk way too much. Thanks mum! Let me deal with my son first! Anyone have any ideas on how to keep him quiet once in a while!? Lol! Oh please don’t get me wrong, I do secretly enjoy hearing him talk and switching from one language to the next and to the next. I can’t imagine him being ever being quiet and that’s what I like about him! He’s definitely good company! 

Talk (s too much)



Having fun


Talk (s) too much

Alexander wears a HAAS fitted short sleeve statement shirt with unfinished hems and seems. Hand printed “TALK” from the new Special Edition Collection by HAAS. Comfortable, cool & stylish, for every day. Talitha de HAAS, the founder and designer behind HAAS makes unique, beautiful handcrafted quality childrenswear.  Materials: soft stretch jersey 92% cotton, 8% elasthan. Alexander wears a size 6. If you are not sure about the size, check the size chart here.


YES, no MORE annoying labels & tags on the inside !

– Other items; jeans and his favourite trainers –