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The whole family are keen swimmers, on holiday we tend to spend a lot of time in the pool and on the beach. That means good quality swimwear is important. No one wants swimmers to last a few swims before they lose shape or start to disintegrate.

Swimwear is also pretty simple, and there are a lot of rules in France about what you can and can’t wear. For example in most French public swimming pools boys are not allowed to wear “Bermuda-style” trunks. You have to wear either un slip de bain or un boxer. It already happened to us that we turned up somewhere and discovered the trunks Alexander was wearing were complètement interdit. There’s honestly no getting around a rule like that.

Which limits your options somewhat. It’s honestly hard to find good looking swim wear with most sports companies opting for black or some garish fluorescent colour no one want’s to be seen in.

Luckily, Flora and Henri have delivered some of the most colourful, tasteful and elegant swimwear of the year, and Lena and Alexander picked their favourites from this season.  

What do you think?

Swimming in France

Lena’s amazing swimsuit is bursting with joy!


Lena and Alexander

Lena and Alexander on their way to the swimmingpool.

alexander in flora & henri

A happy Alexander as he loves going to the swimmingpool!

[Clothes: Boatneck Tee, swimtrunk and shoes by Flora and Henri]

Alexander in Flora Henri swimtrunks



Swimming in France

Flora and Henri swimwear

[Other clothes: Lena’s skirt is by Angel’s Face]