Kids Fashion


Childhood – that fabulous time when children believe in the magic of the world. Girls dream about becoming princesses and living in a beautiful fairytale kingdom. Their dreams can come true with a beautiful dress by Spoiled Me, bringing them unforgettable emotions and filling them with the bright colours of joy.

Anna Christiansen, the founder of Spoiled Me, every season creates a variety of handmade girl’s dresses for special occasions. She aims to create a true masterpiece by combining excellent quality, elegant style, and extraordinary design. Your enchanting princess in her gorgeous dress will surprise all the guests at the ball!

Playful and joyful are the two words that describe the Spoiled Me AW18 collection the best as it’s full of colours and surprises! Dedicated to all girls and women, who inspire and support each other every day! We can do it all and we can have it all!

Anna named each dress by the women, who played a big role in her life and close to her heart. She wants to spoil you and your little girls with happy moments, while wearing her dresses and having fun!

Every outfit is created to become the testimony of an unforgettable moment, a fairy-tale memory that will be cherished for years to come. The excellent craftsmanship of the dressmaking guarantees the quality of each garment, with special attention given to premium finishes. Hand-made outfits, expert tailoring, quality fabrics, stunning colours and timeless styles, make Anna’s collection unique.

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