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I open my eyes: I am blinded by the light. I wonder. Am I awake? Am I dreaming? I can smell the dusty heat, taste the salt on my lips. Where am I? How long have I been away? I linger. It’s quiet and lush, it’s calm, but wild. I like it. I believe a donkey just passed by. I am not at home, but I feel at home.

This season Soft Gallery has created a collection inspired by all the beauty of Latin America. SS17 ‘Rise and Shine is made with a tremendous amount of passion and humour stirred into a cocktail of sweet irony. In collaboration with a talented line-up of great visual artists Soft Gallery has shaped an unique and poetic summer collection for children.

It’s a state of mind! Its a feeling! This season’s fabrics, ambience and silhouettes are all inspired by foreign culture, warm winds and inner peace. Playful illustrations are beautifully shaped into patterns and prints. The dusty delicate palette is magically turned in to a blissful, exquisite collection to wear on a fine summer’s day. The creative offset has devolved into a quirky, charming and sophisticated range. Among this seasons artwork and prints you will find love llamas kissing, sly donkeys in colourful ponchos, cowboy apparel and hand painted chillies. A beautiful hand embroided sunrise, sweet corncobs, butterflies, the intriguing Native American girl and of course cool desert patches for the boys. You’ll meet all sorts of animals in gorgeous constellations, dressed in hats, scarves and colourful outfits.

A distinctive detail of this collection is the traditional Navajo woven pattern used on both jackets and skirts, sweatshirts and matching shorts, headbands and soft quilted bags – strong fabulous and free bohemian- an. The colour palette is combined of dusty delicate earth hues complimented with burned, sandy natural warmth mixed with strong yellow, fluorescent pink, the pretty bright blue, soft peach and a calm sunrise orange.

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Soft Gallery SS17