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The Soft Gallery SS15 collection “Le Voyage” embraces the idea of discovering new destinations and foreign cultures – traveling by sea, by air and by land: The glory of the setting sun upon the purple sea, the wonders of the infinite dunes of sand in the desert, the thin air on the top of a mountain, the carnival of exotic fish in the deep ocean, the skyline of New York City and the magic life taking place in the long shadows of the tall buildings. The stars and waves, the sands and shores – the essence of summer is meeting the people, tasting the food, feeling the passion – and adding to the collection of memories that is the story of the voyager.

A glad heart of a young traveler and the boy playing with his globe and stamps. Ice cream running down the hand and the first bite of the sweet, red, watery melon. The smell of rain on the wet pavement and the salty breeze from the ocean on a hot summer day. Butterflies fluttering, floral wreath and flimsy dresses and bare feet in the tall lush grass. Listening to the song of waves in the conch shell, wondering if the zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes. Such is the memory of childhood summers and such are the essential components of “Le Voyage”.

This season’s soft galleries are printed with wild tigers, golden lions, sweet watermelon and magic conchs, iconic post card prints, anchors and souvenirs from past times, marble patterns, sporty letters and splashy dots.

The first drop of  the Soft Gallery SS15 collection is already available at Orange MayonnaiseBroer & Zus & Springstof and will soon be available at The Little Nordic Shop and Purestarters.

Do you have any favourites or must-haves from this collection?


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