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Soft Gallery has become a simply unique and innovative clothing label that has increased its collections continuously since established in 2007, in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Tine Holt Møller and Barbara Hvidt. 

Every season Soft Gallery will commission a refined selection of visual artists, who’s individual and distinctive talents will be featured in the collections as prints and hand embroideries. 

And their AW15 is to die for!

The streets are yours to live and flourish in. Be brave and be curious. Make new discoveries. Express yourself and inspire those around you. “The Scene” is your street and the street is your road. Embrace it!

The Soft Gallery AW15 Collection “The Scene” is all about living with your eyes wide open. It’s about engaging in life. About seeing, feeling and living it all.

Shop the AW15 collection at SpringstofOrange MayonnaiseBroer & ZusPurestartersBeetles & BugsThe Little Nordic Shop and

soft gallery AW15


Soft Gallery Aw15

AW15 Soft Gallery


AW15 SOft Gallery


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