Kids Fashion


After the regal and calmly focused collections of AW1617 and SS17, THE SMALL GATSBY has, again, taken a turn – for the bold. Counterpointing the 60s’ clear lines and colours, leading ladies Anita Dorner and Teresa Zimmermann have chosen the hushed whispers, suspense and secrecy of the era’s grand spy movies as a leitmotif for their new YOUTH QUAKE AW1718 collection.

Playing upon the contrast of materials as well as colours, the collection is infused with a sense of daring and hidden surprises. Austrian wool – with its saturated and dense heaviness, as well as fine, soft corduroy put the spotlight on bright and glamorous French Dupion silk in vibrant shades of saffron yellow, ice blue and magenta pink.

A zestful curve breaks traditional cuts and adds a bit of rock to THE SMALL GATSBY’s typical Jazz. Speaking of Jazz: For this season,TSG’s capsule collection JAZZ by THE SMALL GATSBY offers even more nonchalant styles to complement the sophisticated collection image that Anita Dorner has drawn.

It was the briskness, the cheek and the courage of the 60s, that worked as a base coat for this collection’s image. The 60s youths’ unwillingness to accept worn patterns, and to challenge both those patterns and themselves is a compelling analogy when watching one’s own children growing up. YOUTH QUAKE is playing upon the kids’ most favourite game:The search for the secret behind all there is. The jest in the riddle, the hunt for the unknown, celebrating the arc of suspense and the joy of trying to find out.

Teresa Zimmermann has worked closely with Vienna movie makers Brix Productions to catch this notion in a perpetuum mobile of a moving picture, and with Amsterdam based photographer Nadja Pollack and her clear pictorial language to combine both the bold and the hushed aspects of this era into one strong, enthralling vision.

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