Kids Fashion


Shampoodle ‘s AW13 collection is called ‘The Liberty Collection’ and is full of comfortable pieces for all ages, adults included.

“A celebration to the young heroes of next generation.
Meet our super girls, twins in stripes, wind surfers, alpineers, ghost hunters, punk rockers,
royal rebels, grungy pigeons and satin boys in padded luxury 
in a collection filled with a lot of room for personality, space and freedom!”

The Shampoodle family

We interviewed Shampoodle’s designer Helene Stevenberg. Merci Helene, we know you are vey busy!

How would you describe your brand?

Sporty bohemians! High and low. We always seem to end up making comfortable casual wear, with a fusion of punk and hip hop on top.

What lead you to working with fashion?

I always liked to reinvent my closet. In middle school I used to take my parents clothes and remake them to fit me. After school I moved to Stockholm, it was a lot of slacker time and not that much money. So before going out I used to pick up my old Husqvarna (sewing machine) and make a nice little outfit for the occasion. Had a career in advertising but when I found Jakob and we got our first kid it all made sense as we both like fashion, what could be greater then doing it for the small ones.

How do you define your own personal style?

Eclectic. I tend to mix brands, styles and looks a lot. At work I always end up wearing slim pants and high heel high-tops. A true gift to all of us that had a life in high heels before kids.

Who has been your biggest fashion influence?

I have never fixated on one person or event for inspiration. I rather like the idea to sample life to build my Shampoodle world. But I do love all new upcoming Japanese and Korean brands mixing west and asian culture, colors and ideas together with a lot of humor.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career until now?

Have not been there yet…

What do you find most rewarding, and most challenging about your job?

Each season I get the cramps just because you have to limit down the collections so much and have some kind of red thread through it all when you would like to have 10. So the limits you have to work with can be a pain. Most rewarding is ALWAYS to see kids in our clothes. So please, you reading this, send in your pictures! We love it!!!

What is your favorite item from your AW13 line?

Spooky Joggers. I live in them.

What do you like and dislike about the fashion industry?

He he, I kind of use Jakob as my apron there. My contact is mostly with the producers which I love to hang with, so can´t really comment that:)






You can shop Shampoodle here but the brand is also available in some of our favourite webshops like Springstof and Dinodeluxe