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Having a best friend, playing with other children on the playground, going to birthday parties and sleepovers are some of the things that are routine for most children. In fact, some profesionals even dare to say that “making friends is one of the most important missions of middle childhood — a social skill that will endure throughout their lives.”

When do children begin to make friends?

Even toddlers seem to play together and have friends, but group play doesn’t usually evolve until age three. Until then, most infants and younger toddlers simply play by themselves next to each other, in parallel play. Once they begin playing together regularly as preschoolers, children are more likely to make regular friends.

Alexander, whom started preschool in Septemner, seems to have quite some friends at school. He’s such a social butterfly, he knows everyone and everyone seems to know him. And Camille, the girl in the photographs, he definitely considers as one of his best friends. A lovely French girl, whom joined Alexander’s class just before the Christmas holidays. He loves going over to her house for gouter, French snack-time and when I asked Camille’s mummy yesterday if her daughter wanted to review a little grey dress by Risk for Kids for LEAP she was very happy to do so. 

Camille’s mother was not yet familiar with the Polish brand Risk, made in Warsaw. One of the most popular Polish brands among young people that love loose street style. Yes, that’s right. Risk, made in Warsaw originally started out as a brand for grown-ups, men and women. Mothers loved Risk so much that they wanted to dress their children in the same clothes and that’s why they started a kids line as well. Pretty much the same designs as for the adults but sewn in small sizes all in beautiful shades of grey.

Camillie is wearing our most favourite, the little grey dress – Risk’s answer to the little black dress.

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Camille in Risk

Risk Kids

Happy face

Risk made in Warsaw

Little grey dress