Kids Fashion


Repose Ams, an Amsterdam based conscious baby and kids wear label, is definitely one of our favourite brands and for those who have been following the blog for a while might know all about it.

They seek for a sense of timeless repose in children’s wear. Where comfort and design meet in a harmonious arrangement of colours, forms and textures. Connecting the endless imagination of children with the aesthetics of modern parents in unique, lasting pieces.

The Repose Ams Spring / Summer 2022 collection represents that time of the year when we spend most days outside: summer. As a kid, playing is your way of exploring. Still seeing the beauty of every single thing, open minded and “unwritten”, like a tabula rasa.

Beautiful Things – their 13th collection already! – celebrates the little things in life and making the most out of them. A collection with comfy fits, ice cream shades and colourful prints. From sweats, tees and tops to shorts, skirts and loads of cheerful accessories. Styles that make you want these sunny days to last forever, but at the same time are versatile enough to wear throughout the year.

As they aim to create sustainable collections that reduce our ecological footprint, one of the collection’s eye catchers is the track suit, fully crafted from deadstock fabric. And not just any fabric, but original nineties tracksuit fabric. This is one of the many things they do to be a responsible fashion brand, making a difference in a way that suits us (pun intended).

Shop the collection at Orange Mayonnaise here

Photography | Ania Onopiuk
Styling | Graciela Gauna