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What parent wants to spend a fortune on shoes? Fashion trends change, and children are always growing and sometimes it seems like as soon as you buy your kids a new pair of shoes they’ve already grown out of them.

Luckily brands like Pisamonas provide stylish quality childrens footwear for affordable prices. 

Launched in 2012 and headquartered in Madrid, Pisamonas is a children’s footwear supplier that offers a large selection of shoes.  Mary Jane’s, Desert boots, Ballerina’s, Chelsea boots to Espadrilles and Jelly sandals all in all, they focus on classic designs coupled with the quality that European manufacturing provides all for the best prices in the market.

Pisamonas France

Good to know is that all online orders are delivered at your doorstep free of charge. And if the size doesn’t fit you, they are happy to send you a new one for free. Great service isn’t it?

At Pisamonas you can also find accessories from Condor at the best prices. Plus, if you combine some shoes with matching accessories they will give you an automatic 10% discount on the accessories.

As a welcome promotion, Pisamonas will give you a gift voucher worth €10 off your first purchase this month. Try now the best children’s shoes at the best price. Just visit their website to find out more.


Pisamonas France

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