Kids Fashion


Petite Bergamote is a young label that offers beautiful creations for girls age 4 to 10 years old, founded by Daria & Ilona, who are Polish but are based in Paris, France.

The Petite Bergamote SS17 collection “Just in Colour” captures the fullness of Summer in bright and energetic colours. The collection is divided into two parts: “Mondrian’s Harmony” and “Daily Chic”.

“Mondrian’s Harmony” is a reference to artistic work of Piet Mondrian, which is reflected in a style of geometric patterns and expressive shades. “Mondrian’s Harmony” is the apogee of the classics of fashion juxtaposed with the characteristic style of the artist. High-grade fabric from Milano in a strong colour palette was used in the collection. 

“Daily Chic” is a continuation of intensive shades juxtaposed with sheer dresses, blouses, and shorts made of high quality fabrics from the couture house of Yves Saint Laurent. Gently falling ruffles, gauzy fashions and juicy colours emphasize girlish charm and let us feel the summer.

The “Just in Colour” Collection is a proposition for girls who like to stand out from the crowd with simple elegance and intense colour. The models were designed in such a way that they can be easily combined together to create finished outfits. “Just in Colour” is a proposition not only for chic daily outfits but also elegant evening sets in vibrant and fresh colours.

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Models: Lucia, Zora & Jioia from SugarKids

Photo credits: Emily Kornya Photography