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Péro, which in a local language in Rajasthan called Marwari means “to wear,” creates simple clothing that can be worn every day, because they are comfortable, stylish and refined. These qualities are possible thanks to the search for knowledge about new materials and antique production processes from India. Péro creates garments using raw cotton and hand dying methods from Andnra Pradesh and Gujurat, while prints and motifs from Chanderi and Maheshear. Each garment is handmade and inspired by the Indian atmosphere for girls from one to eight years.

The Pero SS17 collection, ‘The Forbidden Garden’, celebrates the work of Pierre Joseph Redoute, a painter and botanist from Southern Netherlands that was also the official Artist in the court of Queen Marie Antoinette. He is famous for painting stunning lilies, roses and other flowers at Malmaison brought to life by his smooth watercolours. This is reflective in the detailing and trims …

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