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The OmamiMini AW14 collection is a perfect mix of casual luxury, fun and rock ‘n’ roll. The collection includes quirky geometric prints, clean silhouettes, quilted faux leather, and a dash of fabulous fur.

Time to find out more about this brand that dresses boys and girls. 

Hi Ola, would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

I’m Ola Omami and I run OmamiMini line together with my partner and graphic designer Natasha. We believe children’s clothes should not be very different from what we, parents, consider stylish and would wear ourselves. Everything is designed and made here in Los Angeles.


Ola behind the scenes

Tell us a little about your background? How did you become to be a children’s fashion designer?

I’m a product designer by trade, but when my daughter was born and I couldn’t find clothes for her (everything was so pink and cute I ended up buying half of her layette in boys section) I decided to try and do it myself. I asked a friend of mine and genius graphic designer who worked for Metropolitan Museum of Art at the time to help me with logo and she got so excited about the idea that we ended up working together on the first collection and do it ever since.

What inspires your work, and what do you want to inspire in others though your work?

Generally I think inspiration comes from very unexpected places – it can be light colors of some freshly baked cookies or pattern I see on vintage floor tiles. Our FW collection is the first to include boys’ line and I was greatly inspired by my husband’s sense of style. He’s the best dressed man I know – always uber cool, even when most casual.

I personally like all things simple and precise (think Japanese or Scandinavian aesthetic), so  I strive to make our garments very uncomplicated, but awesome and hoping it translates into more simplicity in life.

What is your favorite piece from the AW14 collection?

I love our faux leather leggings. It’s a very simple item that takes any outfit to another level without trying too much. The sweatshirt dress with polka-cat print us another favorite, in fact I’m so in love with this print I have it as wallpaper on my computer and phone and I’ll be also ordering it as an iPhone cover. I’m a real addict.  

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

I have a 4 year old daughter, her name is Eva and she’s been my major inspiration not only to start my own line, but also for every single collection till now. I think it’s crucial to have kids of your own to design for them! You’re more aware of the technical aspects (things like: never put more than 3-4 buttons per garment, because you can’t make a toddler stay still for more than few seconds), but you also have a better idea of what they might like. The other day I was trying to comb her hair and she said – mom, I don’t want it to be beautiful, I want it to be crazy! That pretty much sums up her whole personality and isn’t it great?

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

First of all, I get to dress my daughter exactly the way I want to ) It’s really amazing. Seeing other kids from across the globe wearing OmamiMini or randomly spotting stores on Instagram beautifully displaying our collection also absolutely makes my day.

On a challenging side, I’d say definitely finding the right people to work with, from pattern makers to production manager, is not easy, but then once you do – it’s the most wonderful feeling that you’ve found a whole bunch of soulmates and everything illuminates.

If one of our readers is only in your city, LA, for 24 hours what one thing would you recommend they do?

My favorite neighborhood in LA is Venice, so I’d just recommend strolling Abbot Kinney Blvd, getting a quick brunch anywhere really, there are so many great places and best shopping in town too. Then walk by canals a little and head to the beach! On the other hand it would be a pity to skip Downtown that is really blooming now, so if you still have time at night – visit the Art District!


Facebook: OmamiMini


Ola’s beautiful daughter.

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