Kids Fashion


MOTORETA is a young brand of children’s wear from the south of Spain, Seville, a magic place with unique identity and tradition.

The founders, Cristina López-Lago and María Lleren, take their inspiration from the world of architecture, art and design and apply these concepts to the evocative world of childhood with simple yet sophisticated designs incorporating clean lines and shapes as well as a playful use of colours.

The SS15 collection, follows the black and white trends with a mix of geometrical patterns and animal prints as well as denims and bright yellow.

It’s about time we interview them!


Would you mind introducing yourself and your brand to our readers?

Hi! We are Cristina López-Lago and María Llerena, we are both architects and we have been partners for almost 10 years. Since we founded our office, as architects we have been closely linked to the world of graphic design, we have developed small and big scale projects, exhibitions, cultural events…

Our studio, workshop and showroom are located in the old town of Seville, at the very south of Spain, a great place with unique identity and tradition.

Where does the name MOTORETA originate from?

Motoreta means a small motocycle and in Spain it was a very special model of bike that most kids from the 80’s had at home. So it is a kind of nostalgia or memory from our childhood. And the sound of the word is strong and catchy!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you become a children’s fashion designer?

Garment design practices started as a small part of the whole work process in our architecture office. As architects but also designers, the ideas flow between both fields. The design and production of a dress is not very different from the process of designing an architectural detail or unique furniture.

In both cases, you have to find out the patterns, the tools, the best materials and the way to make the idea that you have in mind, real, tactile and meaningful. Time went by and we decided to make this professional, founding a company. We began to venture into the world of children’s fashion: designing, looking for the best factory to produce, attending international trade fairs … Motoreta was gradually taking shape to become real.

What are the inspirations or motivations behind your design?

It is very diverse!! There are so many beauty things and so many creative people making so wonderful things! Some times influence comes from a song or a film, or from an architect!. We love the American or Scandinavian vintage style from the 50s-60s. And of course, big designers as Balenciaga, and from Spanish current designers we love David Delfín, Ailanto or Rabaneda, who is from Sevilla too!.

Do you have children? How does that influence your work?

Yes we have twins of seven years old and a girl of four. Of course they influence the way we approach children fashion. It was following the birth the twins, when Cristina began to design their first models she had in her mind, using her kids as her first costumers!.

What are some essentials that every child should have in their closet?

If we talk about colours: black and white with contracts in other colours. Simple shapes and strong prints. Dresses and unisex garments. Clothes made to last and to be passed from older siblings to the smaller ones!

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?

We really enjoy the designing and creation of every new collection. To develop the concet and the story behind of our designs and prints… that is so exciting!

And then meeting up with people from all over the world. We love travelling and building an strong and personal relationship with our clients and buyers. We get a priceless feedback from them in trade fairs, sending mails, social media, instagram! and that is how we try to improve. All the support we receive from them is just amazing. They give us the energy that permits us to continue working. We can see that the effort is paying off and, even better, that the objectives that we set at the beginning have been achieved little by little and every day you’ve got to aim a little bit higher.

If one of our readers is in your city Sevilla for 24 hours. What one thing would you recommend they do?

Walking through the historical center of Seville! Fresh and narrow streets crowed of small restaurants and shops. Any place arround the Cathedral, El Alcázar with its amazing gardens (it has been one of the location of Game of Thrones!), Barrio de Santa Cruz… And in the evening, going out in the river bank at Triana or in Alameda, the new trendy neighborhood in the city.