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Excited about the AW18 collections? So are we, which is why we couldn’t wait any longer to give you a sneak peek of the super cool molo styles that are starting to arrive in the shops.

The molo AW18 collection is divided into six different themes: calling for team spirit with World united and Game Changer; inviting children to celebrate with Around the WorldGirls Celebration; and finally honoring nature’s beauty and raising environmental awareness with In the Middle of EverywhereGirls Northern Spirit.


It’s all about football. Not only do we play football, we also watch it together and why not wear it as well? A playful take is a sweatshirt that resembles a well-kept green soccer field and a worn-out football structure print will satisfy any sports enthusiast. A subtler nod to football is on a black must-have sweater with a golden football world map. References to classic 80s and 90s sportswear with tracksuits and broad stripes in red and white or black is fashion that is easy to wear. Feel as part of the team!


We’re in a faraway part of the country surrounded by nature as we ride our snowboards. The small-town boy hanging out with his friends with plenty of time and nothing to do but talk about race cars and watching burnouts in the evening.

Dressed in deep green and different blue tones mixed with more energetic colour tones such as yellow, orange and a deep turquoise. A print that looks like a deep forest lake filled with all sorts of sea monsters hiding beneath the quiet surface makes our imagination run wild. As we face the untamed nature, we realize we are part of something bigger. We are a part of it all. Everything is connected.


We find ourselves in the big city and we are going to have a party. There is music, reworks and the magical northern phenomenon Aurora Borealis dances on the night sky. The boy is dressed in prints with street art text and basketball elements while he practices his skills at the DJ mixer table. The colours are dark as the twilight with pops of bright colours like purple, yellow, orange and electric green like coloured stage lights at a concert. The time has come to celebrate.


Game changers are strong girls with opinions. They have the power to be whatever or whoever they want to be. Her playground is a concrete pastel city with gold onion domes peeking through the rooftops. Urban foxes and magpies are hunting the streets for twinkling treasures. Play with your style and dress in gold plissé skirts with sweatshirts, thin strappy dresses with jersey and sporty tracksuits with frills as a nod to 90s casual fashion. Feel the team spirit and unite.


Between vast mountains, dense pine trees and still blue forest lakes we are surrounded by squirrels, owls, and dears, as we are at the essence of the Northern spirit. Fascinated by the beauty of slow living and old crafts, prints of original handmade embroidery adorn this collection. The jacket with all over ora embroidery print is sure to add interest to any outfit while fun embroidered words and animals keep it playful on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Flowers and horses get a retro spin on a dress in dark blue tones and leggings in geometric shapes beautifully combines this season’s color palette of autumn berry and dusty pink combined with light blue and deep sea. You’ll be more than ready for fall wrapped up in cozy textures such as velvet, corduroy, hairy knit and fake soft fur. It’s the season of Danish “Hygge”! A word even used on a sweatshirt.


The night sky is filled with twinkling lights and there’s magic in the air. Tassels, glitter and confetti prints are the eye-catching styles that will satisfy the craving to play dress up. If your everyday life needs a little sparkle throw on a striped glitter knit, a mirror ball blouse or why not wear a sheer tulle dress over t-shirt and jeans.

Feel the touch of winter in subdued colours. Purple is the new big colour combined with blush, dark oatmeal and deep bottle green. Let’s celebrate the love for our planet and wish upon a shooting star.

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