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Miszkomaszko, a pretty unique children’s brand based in Poland. Have you heard of it yet? I instantly fell in love with their clothes.

Agata Maria Piechocka is the founder of Miszkomaszko. After she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and having worked for H&M in Sweden for a few years, she decided to move back to her hometown Poznań, to start her own children’s clothing brand. Playful clothing with funny little details, all-over prints and all hand printed on natural fabrics. Some of the clothes are even available in grown up sizes!

Alexander is very happy with his black pants! With on one knee a Godzilla print and on the other a Volcano. He also has the grey T-shirt with a volcano and monster from the sea print, both a big hit!

Alexander in Miszkomaszko


Alexander happy

The AW13/14 collection has a bit of a Japanese influence. We’ll get to see some geometric prints, furry monsters, mermaids and cats…. We are giving you today a little sneak preview! We can’t wait, can you?!


AW13/14 miszkomaszko

Besides children’s clothing Agata also designs Flip dolls and Mermaids. All the characters are designed and drawn by Agata. Unexpected combinations and funny characters. You also get the chance to create your own and unique flip dolls by using a special application on the website.

Cat & Bear

Flip dolls

Flip dolls Miszkomaszko

 Want to see more of the Miszkomaszko collection? Go here to the website.