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MarMar Copenhagen SS17

I was a daydreaming child (and, I freely admit, I’m still a daydreamer as an adult). While daydreaming, I built castles and fought dragons, won horse races (as both horse and jockey) and gold medals, became a princess and a heroine, and had grand journeys and escapades. Daydreaming fueled an active imagination, one that has been of enormous help in my profession as a blogger.

But today, daydreaming seems to have lost its luster. In our increasingly impatient society, we don’t seem to have the time or patience for children who inhabit their own little world, often staring off into space instead of putting on their shoes. We also don’t see the “need” for daydreaming, attributing a lackluster life to those who dare to dream while awake. 

Luckily MarMar Copenhagen sees the “need” and called the MarMar Copenhagen SS17 collection  ‘Grand-Scale Daydreams’ which I think is a beautiful theme for a children’s collection!

In case you haven’t heard about the brand; MarMar Copenhagen has since 2008 delivered consistently high quality, classic children’s fashion with cool and quirky details. 

Tran-seasonal pieces from the current collection will blend in with SS17 as season changes and the weather warmes up. The style is playful, to nurture creativity and imagination. Looks like we have a Summer of daydreaming ahead!

The MarMar Copenhagen SS17 is available here.