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I’m sure i’m not alone in saying “I genuinely love Christmas”!

I know a lot of people are too-cool-for-school and blasé to admit it, but it’s one of my favourite times of year (right up there with my birthday).

I love the food, decorating the tree with my children, the opportunity to spend time with the family, and the pleasure of getting to see people open the gifts I’ve bought them.

My mum’s the memory-keeper of Christmas, and as much as she’s teased for always having the camera ready, I know everyone in the family appreciates her documenting the day for us.

But you do realize, that those photos will be around to haunt you for the next hundred years right? So because the camera’s always at the ready, and the photo albums are always pored over later by the family, I usually try to make sure we’re all wearing something really nice for the day.

So, have you picked out your or the children’s Christmas outfit yet?

Not that what we are wearing is the focus of Christmas or anything, but no matter your little girl’s look, we’re sure Spoiled Me has got the perfect Christmas dresses for this year’s festivities.

Do you like to celebrate Christmas in style? What will you and the children be wearing on the day?

Spoiled Me dresses

Mahaut is wearing Spoiled Me‘s ‘Dreams come true‘ dress. This delicate dress is made from a dust pink satin which is topped by embroidery tulle in dust pink colour, with carefully hand  appliquéd  flowers with rhinestones. Hand draped white tulle-organza skirt make this dress to step out from the crowd.


Ombline is wearing her Spoiled Me ‘My Fairy Tale‘ dress. Gorgeous sleeveless satin dress in dusty pink colour with volume tulle skirt. A very elegant, simple dress but still beautiful decorated with detachable flowers on a waist.

Adrian and Mahaut

Isn’t Mahaut’s dress pretty?


The two sisters are ready for Christmas…

Christmas dress

Adrian is next so stay tuned for more inspiration.

All photo’s taken by the talented Emily Korny