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Minimal, edgy and statement-making. Loud Apparel’s childrenswear combines the nonchalant look of London with a high-fashion attitude stemming from Italy.

I love finding out about new brands… And this brand is only available at one website in France so quite exclusive if you ask me.

Serenena di Scalzo, founder and designer of Loud Apparel aimes her designs at children age 4 to 12 years old. Although her designs are for children, there is no doubt that fashionable parents will also enjoy the clothes with the immediate style it brings to their children’s image. I would wear actually wear these clothes myself you know!?

For their AW13 collection they have used 100% cotton and beautiful leather of superb quality, all selected from the very best Italian suppliers. We see lots of black and greys, cutting-edge details, strong prints… Very inspiring! They now have a line of accessories as well which includes socks and tights with quirky prints, hats, scarves and even some cool girl necklaces in Loud Apparel’s style concept.

Before I forget to mention; the tags on the clothes are a unique individuality to the Loud Apparel experience with the fun instructions for children to give to their parents. Children’s delight in reading these instructions, and adults like the fun ending.

Want to see more of this brand? Check out Loud Apparel at PetitHood.

Girls collection

Frank sweater

Loud Apparel


And the fun instructions on the label.. Soon more Loud Apparel on the blog…