Kids Fashion


When we started this blog we wrote a blogpost about the great brand Little Mashers, a London based company specialising in clothing and giftware for children from 0‐12 years old. Do you remember?? Today we are happy to announce a Little Mashers Give Away!

Chalk and tees

Win A Chalkboard T-shirt of your choice

Chalk and Tees is a chalkboard t-shirt designed by Little Mashers for you or your little ones to create and draw your own design using the little bag of chalks provided. Also no worries if you make a mistake or you have a flash of inspiration and want to change your design, just like a chalkboard, the picture can be wiped off with a damp cloth and redrawn as often as you like.

Check out your favorite design here


Win a Junior Masher Chef Cookset

Junior masher Chef set layout(good Egg)l_r


1. Leon Beglinger (T-shirt)

2. Mary Eileen Kelly (T-shirt)

3. Vivian van Alphen – Schobben (chef set)

4. Miranda Huizinga (T-shirt)

5. Birgit Putteman (T-shirt)

6.  Heather Caroll Moeller (chef set)


Jeu Concours Little Mashers x Les enfants à Paris. Devenez fan de deux pages, et commentez l’article sur la page du blog ou sur Facebook en indiquant le design que vous aimeriez gagner. Partagez autant que vous pouvez, n’importe qui peut participer. Le gagnant sera dévoilé Vendredi 11 avril, 2014. Vous avez donc une semaine ! 

Easter T-shirt

This one is our favorite… Great for Easter right?