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The Belgium brand Lion of Leisure’s unisex range is considered non-seasonal, with new, original designs being added to the collection throughout the year. In addition to graphic tees, Lion of Leisure also produces hand-printed soft toys in most of the same graphic designs used on their T-shirts. The brand’s unmistakable identity is in its  graphics and humorous touch that endlessly delights little fauna lovers.

Lion of Leisure

Check out the Lion of Leisure new prints here.

Lisa’s boy Dayne was happy to review this recently added ‘Bears T: Are we nearly there yet?’

Lion of Leisure

Lisa: “My little boy Dayne, age 3, got a nice 100% pure cotton bag with a lion on it! He was already on top of the world to get something., but little did he know, there was a super fierce red shirt in it as well. A t-shirt with a little bear and a big bear on it with a comment that says: ‘Are we nearly there yet?’  Lion of leisure definitely makes garments that look and feel special with a graphic identity inspired by their own detailed, whimsical animal illustrations with a humorous twist.

His friend Alexander arrived at the Easter Party in a T-shirt from the same brand, The ‘Baboon T: Your Turn’. Together they looked very sharp and comfy and found a lot of chocolate eggs.

The boys

Something that’s definitely worth mentioning as well, the shirts are carefully and lovingly printed by hand and constructed from 100% Organic cotton, as certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). That means no chemicals or pesticides were used in the growing of the cotton. Especially for these things, Lion of leisure is one fine brand that you want your child to wear! And for the cotton bag, Dayne is still using it as a little pillow.”