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Kids fashion is a big part of my life and not only do I blog about it, if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I love posting about kids fashion. A couple of weeks ago I discovered there’s  a new app called Lil’Stylers, an app dedicated to kids fashion! Have you already heard about it?! It’s truly the perfect place for mums and dads to discover new brands for their little stylers. And if you see something you love, you can then easily shop the item straight from the app. Impressed? I am! And let’s not forget to mention you can follow what’s trending and add stylers to follow. It’s uniquely different from other social media-based fashion sites!

Since I have the app on my phone, I love using it. It is definitely inspiring! Not only have a shared some cute photographs with my followers, I have also discovered some great brands. The app is easy to use and I love the fact that you are able to tag your photo’s and are able to include links. Great way to get more readers to the blog 😉

After having a lovely chat on the phone with Kirti Baliga, one of the founders of the app Lil’Stylers I send over some questions for her to answer.

What 5 words would you use to describe your app?

“Share, inspire your kids style and discover hundred’s of kids clothing brands all from your finger tips”

How did you come up with the idea of Lil’Stylers?

Both Eric Dillon and Kirti Baliga are founders of Lil’Stylers. We felt that shopping for kids clothes was very uninspiring. Moms are very well aware of all the big retailers such as H&M, Zara, GAP etc. But there are these thousands of great kids clothing brands that exists which offered fresh collection at a great price, but couldn’t reach their target audience at scale. We wanted to create a mobile platform that would help moms discover these brands on the go. At the same time, how many times have you heard “Where did you get this”? Well now, the answer is there in Lil’Stylers. Each picture contains tags with the brand for the clothes kids are wearing. We wanted to create a unique platform that was just dedicated to kids fashion and style, which definitely didn’t exist before Lil’Stylers.

Do you have children? If yes, how old?

Eric is a dad himself with 2 kids. Age 6 and 4. I’m married but no kids yet, but my nephews have been my inspiration. I have been shopping for them since the time they were born. They are both age 5 and 2.

What are your favorite kids fashion brands?

I love the brands that are unique and offer a different selection. Apart from US brands I personally love brands from Europe, Australia, Japan and South Korea. I love Tutu Du Monde, Maa Shoes, Paade Mode, Bobo Choses, Jumina, Nununu, Atsuyo ET Akiko, Wovenplay to name a few. 

Visit the Lil’Stylers website here or go straight to the app by clicking here

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Note: Lil’Stylers has strict privacy settings so parents can choose whether to turn the world into their child’s runway or only share their photos among family and friends.