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Based in Germany’s capital of cool Berlin, Lieblinge are a family run brand set up by husband and wife Oliver and Nadine Klein.

Lieblinge (darling in German) are shoes for babies and toddlers that do not only look cute but that are designed to help and support them while making their first steps and learning how to walk.

Made of super soft high quality organic leather, these soft sole shoes are cut in an anatomically optimized way, allowing them to grow with the child’s feet for about two sizes and most importantly: thanks to an elastic, they stay on your child’s feet.

We love the fact that these shoes are 100% ecological. Whether it’s the leather (organic and chrome free), the colours (only natural without traces of heavy metals) or the production (100% made in Germany), sustainability is present throughout the whole development process.

Now that we can feel the temperature dropping, Lieblinge even provides the option to insert a lamb skin inner sole, making the shoes all warm and cozy on the inside.

Toddler or newborn, your little one is sure to stand out with these fashionable soft shoes by Lieblinge. [Oh and let’s not forget that they offer slippers for the parents as well!]


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