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Have you ever strolled through the Jardin du Luxembourg on a weekend afternoon noticed the children in their Sunday best riding the old-fashioned carousel and sailing boats on the pond. While trainers, Mini Rodini and le jogging suits have made inroads into the French children’s fashion scene, the true Parisian look – floral hand-smocked dresses and pretty straw hats, crisp sailor suits and boys’ blue and green madras Bermuda shorts complete with suspenders – will always rely on the classics.

Well, today it’s time to relax, because it’s Friday and the weekend just started! So why not let your little boys relax in this great ‘le jogging suit’ by BABYVIP and watch a film and eat some crisps!?


A well-made navy blue jogging suit made of 100 % cotton. I would lie if I say that Alexander loves the print because he’s a boy and thus into cars, no in fact he likes barbies and the little mermaid, but he does like this classic garage car print. In fact, he wore it to school today! The teacher didn’t know what to say! Alexander in a ‘le jogging suit’ to school?!  Something that is concidered as not done as his school but, ah well, who cares!? It’s comfortable and looks great on him so why not!? The fact that he was up at 5am this morning didn’t help either. We are both dressed very casual today!

Italian children`s clothing brand BABYVIP offers nice designs, excellent quality and good prices (Price sweater – 17,90 € Price bottoms – 12,90 €) . Underwear, pajamas, clothing and accessories for babies and children from 0 to 5 years old.

Have a look on their website to check out where to buy BABYVIP if you happen to be in Italy or join their Facebook Page and buy directly from there.

Le jogging suit by Babyvip


Le jogging suit - BABYVIP




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