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I love Spring! I love the freshness, the colours and I love shopping for a new wardrobe!!

The warm weather will soon be here and if you’re like me you’re probably doing closet inventory. It’s something I both love and hate doing each season. Even though the thought of new clothes is exciting, it’s daunting when you have multiple children and I’m always praying that most of last year’s clothes will still fit.

This year however, they have outgrown almost all their summer item from last year, so I needed to do a major inventory, and restock their entire closets with new clothes that actually fit.

Whilst browsing for new clothes I came across the French brand Le Carrousel who match timeless classics with fashionable styles for a modern look. The style of their clothing is both beautiful and refined, but also relaxed and effortless.

Produced entirely in Paris, all the clothes are soft and gentle with great quality fabrics in beautiful prints, and just a few essential details in perfect harmony.

Among other items, you’ll find sweet tunics and bloomers for babies, a selection of beautiful shirts and dresses for girls, and classic shirts and shorts for boys.

You can purchase the Le Carrousel SS16 collection directly from Le Carrousel‘s website.

[All photographs of Pacôme and Yseult are taken by the Paris based photographer Candice Cohen]

les enfants a paris

le carrousel ss16 candice cohen

le carrousel ss16

le carrousel summer

candice cohen les enfants a paris

All photographs of Pacôme and Yseult wearing Le Carrousel are taken by the Paris based photographer Candice Cohen