Kids Fashion


The summer collections are coming to an end and soon the AW 13 collection will hit the shops. But for now, it’s too hot to be thinking of winter clothes so let’s talk summer!

Did you see our Look de plage‘ yesterday? Really cute shorts…

L’asticot is a Swiss clothing brand for babies and children aged 0 to 10. Founded by two young mothers, Christie Mutuel and Danièle McClellan who have been friends since their teens. The style is very retro and they only use the finest materials and natural fibres such as cotton, wool, flax and hemp. All whilst respecting the rules of fair trade – their view is taking care of our environment is taking care of our children.

The designs are in my opinion ‘timeless’. The cut’s, colors and materials are designed specifically so they are comfortable for kids.

All of the Lʼasticot’s clothing is manufactured in Portugal. Their main manufacturer has been awarded the European Ecolabel, the only European label of its kind!

Alexander is wearing the T-shirt bikes and blue. It is still available in L’asticots webshop with now 50 % off. I just love shopping when the sales are on! Check out the rest of their collection and grab some bargains.


L'asticot T-shirt

T-shirt with bikes

(Alexander is wearing the grey and navy overall on our FB page, but insisted on wearing his T-shirt over it! Things have to go his way nowadays!)