Kids Fashion


You might have heard the name before.. Larmes de crocodile is the brand of Les Enfants a Paris resident stylist Meryl Flamb, who inspires us every Sunday with a complete look for children.

I first discovered Larmes de crocodile about 6 months ago when I bought some great T-shirts from the summer collection for Alexander, such as the ‘guns and tears’ and the ‘ i hate kisses’. Cool no?! (They are still available!)

Guns and Tears                      I hate kisses

Larmes de crocodile is a brand where the tongue in cheek humor of the child is the focus. Tough edgy texts and prints, we love the aw13 collection. Prints such as the ‘I love school’ T-shirt, Steve Urkel with the text ‘school enemy’ and ‘My teacher is *@!?#(*+!’… Kids will make a great impression with these T-shirts 😉 And not only T-shirts this time, hoodies as well for the colder days.

Alexander’s friend Daan really wanted to model his new T-shirts for today’s blogpost and I’m happy he asked! He’s such a cutie! Off to first grade in his ‘I love school’ T-shirt.

Larmes the Crocodile is for children from 3 months to 10 years old and all clothes are 100 % organic. What do you think of this fairly new brand? Check out the rest of the collection here.

Daan in Larmes de crocodile

I love school print

Steve Urkel print

Larmes de crocodile