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Keeping in touch with your family and friends when you live overseas is simple in these days of modern technology.

The internet has revolutionised such important contact in many ways. From email to Skype, there is no excuse for losing touch with people… unless you want to, of course! Having said that, you may well find that some people just drift out of your life anyway. I have no explanation for this; perhaps you have, in which case I’d love to hear it! But many expats will tell you that you certainly know who your real friends are when you move abroad.

Anyway, the wonderful world of modern technology does make keeping in touch with people in different countries so much easier for us all. Unless, of course, you know people like my grandparents and my aunt, neither of whom have a computer at all! However, I still manage to talk to them very regularly indeed and we love sending postcards! At least once a month we send them a card with a recent portrait of Alexander. 

Tomorrow the family can expect a new postcard with a photograph of Alexander who is growing up so fast!! Sometimes I can’t believe he’s 5 years old already! And two family members will be very excited… Nana and Grandpa as we’re about to get in the car to drive to the UK. After 6 months they finally get to see Alexander in real life! Yes, I know, we left it way too long!

Ok, we are off to London. Happy holidays everyone!

Ileen x


Alexander is wearing Eden & Zoe’s stylish Akira jacket, which is a unisex design.

Eden & Zoe Aw15 collection

Beautifully crafted with a striking intarsia pattern at the front and back.

Cashmere Cardigan
Comfortable, roomy fit with front zip closure and two front pockets.


Never not smiley!


100% Cashmere


The amazing origami possibilities that can be created from a simple piece of paper inspired Melissa Wang, founder of Eden & Zoe, to explore colours, symmetry and patterns for this AW15 collection. Her designs include a striking geometric intarsia pattern and colour blocking with fleck yarns. The colours yellow and purple shades are now added to the already existing classic Eden & Zoe palette of grey, pink, white and blue.

This season, all the pieces are made from 100% cashmere: every one of them downy soft, warm and comfortable.

Feel free to visit Eden & Zoe’s website here