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Founded in 2009 by Celine Prost, the French brand Je suis en CP! offers a classic and timeless collection with an eye for details and nice prints. Je suis en CP! produces garments as well with exclusive prints designed by the brand and all products are 100% produced in Europe.

One look at their AW15 collection and you will be dreaming of Parisian landscapes and walking through the cobblestone streets of Paris that we love so much, admiring the old buildings, wandering up stairs and capturing glimpses of the magnificent Paris below.

The Je suis en CP! aw15 collection is nothing short of timeless, with whimsical prints, beautiful jewel tones throughout, classical silhouettes and some gorgeous fabrics.

I am especially taken with the boys collection as you might have noticed already on the blog (here) and on Instagram. Shopping for boys isn’t always easy but Je suis en CP! has it all covered for boys and girls size 0 to 12.


[To celebrate their launch of the new website, Je suis en CP! offers -10% off, until October 17, 2015, with the code CPNEW]

aw15 je suis en cp


boys aw15 Je suis en CP!

girls je suis en cp

Je suis en CP! Aw15 collection