Kids Fashion


As children march throughout the world for a better future, one cannot ignore the call for an ecological agenda. It is a call to stop using toxic substances in agriculture, since this is devastating for the bio diversity and being a major cause for insects disappearing. The award winning label for sustainable and vegan kids and adult wear Infantium Victoria is showing their 12th Сollection named NoPesticides. The Collection, inspired by environmental issues , addresses them through design and garments. One of the main highlights of the NoPesticides collection is their series of luxury garments made from Lotus Flowers.

From the very start Infantium Victoria has been an advocate for using organic, plant based materials, grown without any chemicals and processed in the most natural way. They see insects as a crucial element in the planetary balance and the key to a general sustainable future. That’s why they believe that children should be taught about the importance of bugs, and become fascinated by their world. Infantium Victoria’s garments are decorated with screen prints, hand embroidery and block prints of various insects – butterflies, lady bugs and the Queen Bee.

Harvested lotus fabric has unique properties, it’s naturally soft, light, especially breathable and wrinkle free. Making lotus textile is a laborious process, with some 6500 lotus stems required to make a single length of hand-woven fabric. Creating this fabric is a handmade artisanal process. They’ve created special cuts in order to eliminate any waste of this precious fabric. Infantium Victoria has a long history of supporting local artisans. For this collection they’ve collaborated again with Tharangini Studio in Bangalore to create custom made hand blocks. This handblock tells the story of a butterfly – from a caterpillar to a beautiful majestic creature.

Colours of the collection include black, our base colour, mixed with light beige, optical white, orange and hot pink. As for silhouettes, Infantium Victoria brings out a range of classics including a fitted jacket, matching skirt or pants, shorts. For a casual look they offer Basic T-shirts, Tank Tops, and for a perfect beach get-away there are multiple Boho dresses. You can find Sophisticated cuts on the back of dresses, multi-layered draping, and intricate details signature to their aesthetics.

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