Kids Fashion


Indikidual is a British/ Swedish unisex children’s clothing brand for all kids aged 3 months to 7 years. The range allows for layering and encourages mixing and matching to create individual looks and styles.

‘Voodoo rain dance’, that’s what Indikidual’s AW13 collection is called. Funny faces, skeletons, totem poles and of course bananas… It’s definitely filled with a lot of fun. 

“Inspired by daydreaming whilst playing dominos during a thunder storm” this range will really get children’s imaginations run wild! Designed to be practical and comfortable, the collection is made up of an eclectic range of prints and bold colours.

And did you know that all of  Indikidual’s garments are made using organic cotton, which means they don’t just look good, they make you feel good too.

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INDIKIDUAL winter 2013


Worzel jumper