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One of the happiest moments in my life was when I found out I was pregnant. I can still recall it clearly, my heart started racing and my stomach turned with what felt like millions of Butterflies. I wanted to share this news with everyone, my husband, my family and friends, I could not stop smiling and I simply shined.

But in all honesty it wasn’t the easiest pregnancy, I was put on long term bed rest and it was as stressful as it was enjoyable.

In many ways, I wish ILADO Paris already existed back then…

ILADO Paris offers a unique collection of chime pregnancy necklaces, worn by women to soothe and comfort their babies during and after their pregnancy.

Ilado ParisWorn low over your growing bump; your baby will be able to hear the soft tinkling chime of the pendant starting from the 18th week of pregnancy. The harmonious melody of the bola chime necklace calms and reassures babies and help mothers-to-be to create a loving bond with their babies right from the first moments of life.

Also called an ‘”angel caller” or “angel whisperer”, the legend goes that the wearer can call the guardian angel of the baby for help and protection by ringing the bola chime. Later on in life, the bola can be handed over to the child to protect him all life long.

Or wouldn’t it be nice to start a new tradition and pass it down to all the people who are pregnant in your family. I can see the discussion, “Your grandmother wore this when she was pregnant with me, and I get to wear it while pregnant with you and your sibling, and some day, you or your partner will wear this for my grandchildren.” I’ll admit I’m a sucker for those types of things. 

It is definitely a meaningful jewelry piece and the most special and unique gift for today’s mums-to-be!

To fund Sandra Zeller and Célia Bonahon’s (the founders of ILADO Paris) new collection, Joy pregnancy necklaces, ILADO Paris have launched a Kickstarter campaign so they can meet the minimum quantity they need to order to produce the new Joy pregnancy necklace summer collection.


In this joyful collection, the pendants come on a soft and vibrantly colourful silk cord, hand braided in a fair trade workshop by laotian artisans. You can create your own pregnancy necklace by choosing:

  • the finish of your chiming pendant: silver plated, pink gold plated or yellow gold plated
  • your silk cord among the 7 vibrant colours available

Besides the beautiful Joy Pregnancy necklace they have some gorgeous pieces like the Uh Pregnancy necklace that also has an adjustable chain length that can be worn shorter after pregnancy. Its name is directly inspired by its shape and by the word Uh, meaning moon in Mayan, a universal symbol of femininity and motherhood.

ilado paris

See the whole range of these stunning and unique necklaces at, and read all about their Kickstarter Campaign, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with their collection.

* Please note these chime necklaces are no longer solely for pregnant women but are often worn as a style choice. Elegant and unusual, these are the perfect accessory and talking-point to an outfit.