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In collaboration with the Icelandic National Committee of UN Women, the Icelandic children’s wear brand iglo+indi introduces the empwr sweater. The empwr sweater has been designed for both children and adults and it is the first time iglo+indi also releases a product for adults.

The print on the sweater was inspired by a print from Cameroon, where UN Women run women’s only spaces in several refugee camps.

There are an estimated 65 million refugees around the world and about half of them are women. Women refugees are especially vulnerable to violence and human trafficking. Career opportunities for female refugees are also limited.

UN Women operates women’s only spaces in refugee camps around the world, including Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Serbia, Macedonia, Jordan and Iraq. UN Women provides language skills, computer knowledge, sewing and tailoring. There they also learn how to create business plans and study accounting.

At the same time, they can regain their confidence and dignity, receive companionship and peer support as many of them struggle with social isolation.  Women can also receive small loans to support them in setting up their own businesses, which helps them to regain independence. UN Women provides psycho-social counseling to deal with trauma and empowers and helps women find joy and hope again.

The advertising agency PIPAR\TBWA and the creative network DÓTTIR donated their work to the campaign and the Icelandic band East of my Youth lent the campaign their song Stronger.

All proceeds go to UN Women´s supported women´s spaces in refugee camps. Your contribution empowers female refugees and enables them to get back on their feet regain their dignity, and confidence.

The empwr sweater will be exclusively available in iglo+indi’s stores in Iceland, as well as on from 1st June at 10am Icelandic time.

For more information about UN Women’s work in supporting Women in Crisis, please click here 

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