Kids Fashion


Take a stroll through the forest on a crisp autumn day…

Leaves are painted in the most colourful tones of orange, yellow, green, rust and Bordeaux red. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and you can almost imagine the feeling of wearing heavy knits, wool jackets and layers on layers.

Feeling warm, safe and healthy.

With their love for mother earth, sustainability is close to heart and therefore the main part of  I Dig Denim’s AW19 collection is produced in eco / organic cotton and with Oeko tex certification. Where they can help, they wish to help, so that we can all go back to the forest year after year, look up and see the magic happen all over again.

Check out the I Dig Denim AW19 collection here at Orange Mayonnaise.

I dig denim is a Gothenburg based denim brand for kids between 2-15 years. Their belief is that what you wear reflects your personality and they think it’s important that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Therefore, they have carefully considered every detail and their collections for kids are characterised by good quality, perfect fit, and unique washes. The inspiration comes from the wild elements of the Swedish west coast – the sea, rocks and open skies – which are ever present and reflected in the colour schemes and fadings of the fabric. The collections are based on denim and completed with pieces in soft fabrics and shapes. Each I dig denim piece is characterised by a strong sense of style, with a clearly relaxed and carefree expression.I dig denim stands for a natural yet cool look.