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I will admit that I rank up there with some of the most uptight of mums, I’m certainly the most fretful parent in my house. While my husband is far more laid-back, I’m the one who worries that homework is done (neatly and on-time, thankyouverymuch), that the bedroom is picked up, that “pleases” and “thank yous” are said when they’re supposed to be said. I’m like this despite the fact that my 5-year-old daughter is, by all measures, an easy child: she’s hardly ever trows tantrums, she makes friends easily and is infallibly, and she does well in school. And still, I worry: am I doing well enough to equip her when it’s time to leave our house? Will she be independent enough to stand on her own two feet? Will the world become more evil as she grows, and am I protecting her too much, Will she be okay?

I think, ultimately, what we want for our children is that they’re good people, that they show love for other people, and that when it’s time for them to leave our home, they’re ready to tackle the world. 

So, to all the mums out there who fret like I do: Happy Mother’s Day. And remember: as long as we continue to love our children, and we show them that we love them often, I figure we’re doing just fine.

All photo’s of Pippa are taken by by Evelyne Photography for Les enfants a Paris.

Pippa wears a dress by Principesque –