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Haas is a Dutch, children’s fashion label, that was ‘hidden’ for years in head and hands of Talitha, the designer of this beautiful brand. Haas is about sense and inspiration, family and friendship. Out on the street Haas is different but not prominent, stylish but not freaky. But above all Haas is to be yourself, not your neighbour!

Haas consists of five permanent collections and today we highlight the T… collection.

T… is for nights and for those days you don’t want to wake up. We seem to have those quite often, lol! We love to lounge around the house… The T-suit is perfect for these occasions, it’s comfortable and stylish and I just love that cobalt blue colour! (available in other colours as well!) Made of high quality and soft material, I would almost call it perfection as it fits Alexander beautifully. And I love the fact that the suit is multi-functional. Combine the T-suit shirt with a jeans or the T-trousers with a cool  T-shirt et voila! The T-suit is available in the sizes 4 – 12 years old.

As a holiday gift from Haas, enjoy complimentary gift wrapping on all orders and a very special present with any T-suit order throughout December.

Want to see more?! Go to the website by clicking here.

The T-suit! J’adore! Et Vous!?


T-suit shirt combined with the T-rouser

Dutch brand Haas

Love the cobalt colour… Matches his eyes!

Tshirt Cobalt

The T-suit! J’adore! Et Vous!?

Sweet dreams

Sound asleep… He slept until 8h15 this morning, so  very comfortable pj’s …