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Simple yet sophisticated, comfortable yet stylish. Made the honest way, by people with a passion for fashion and composed of the finest materials. Yes, HAAS is back this season and how!

When we visited Playtime Paris last summer and stopped at the booth from HAAS, sophisticated was the first word that came to mind . We remember at the time there were lots of “oooo’s and aaaa’s” from passers by. Mainly because this collection is so different from those we have seen before from this Dutch label, founded by Talitha de Haas.

Have a look yourself and let us know what you think. Please note that the HAAS SS16 collection will be available in stores and online the last week of January / first week of February.


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[All photo’s by Esther Cammelot]

HAAS SS16 Collection

haas onepiece

ss16 haas


haas SS16