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Haas Special Edition – Statement T-shirts but first we would like to wish Talitha, the founder / designer of Haas a very happy birthday!

We have written about Haas before ; Haas is a Dutch, children’s fashion label, that was ‘hidden’ for years in the head and hands of Talitha. Haas is about sense and inspiration, family and friendship. Out on the street Haas is different but not obvious, stylish but not freaky. But above all Haas is to be yourself, not your neighbour!

Their special edition is all about one word statements, unisex T-shirts that are available in 6 different colours of grey with 10 different statements; Dare, Be, You , Free, Great, Time, Yes, More, Unique and Talk.

Did you know HAAS products are made-to-order, how cool and unique is that?

Check out the rest of Haas collection here. And because it’s a joy to give, fun to get, almost summer and the birthday of … now 17% discount! Use HAAS at check-out!

What’s your favourite statement?


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