Kids Fashion


Every collection that HAAS presents is made with the level of quality one would expect from a Dutch brand. Do you know that the designer, Talitha de Haas is a mother of four children and once was a Pathologist?!

HAAS offers stylish, contemporary fashion for children in the ages 4 to 14 years old – different but not prominent, stylish but not freaky. Above all, Haas is about being you.  

Perfect clothes to have adventures in and with some clothes being unisex, perfect for hand me downs for future brothers or sisters.

Alexander is wearing a couple of items from the Haas aw14 ‘Comfort Zone’ collection; his vest, patched trousers and hooded scarf. I love the colours they have used this collection, especially the burgundy red.

What do you think of their collection?



Haas, the daily luxery brand

Alexander in Haas AW14

Haas aw14 collecion


Sjaal Haas maakt

Going home

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